Advised on the most high-profile listings in the GCC

The Equity Capital Markets team combines deep local knowledge, world-class execution and an extensive network to ensure successful transactions across the following services:

Initial Public OfferingAttracting regional and international quality institutional investors
Secondary OfferingsPioneering innovative solutions to exit businesses, generate liquidity, and/or boost trading volumes
AdvisoryIndividually and collectively managing the dynamics between the CMA, institutional investors, NBK Capital’s brokerage, and the Company to create value for clients
Private PlacementsDirect experience in accelerated book building, which attracts experienced investors and ensures fair valuations

Equity Capital Markets Group has advised on equity transactions in excess of USD 21 billion including:

  • KD 56 million private placement and listing of Integrated Holding Company on Boursa Kuwait
  • KD 83 million secondary offering of Humansoft
  • KD 138 million rights issue of National Bank of Kuwait
  • KD 66 million IPO of Mezzan, the only company to IPO in Kuwait in 2015
  • Listing of Viva, the only listing on the Boursa Kuwait in 2014

NBK Capital’s Equity Capital Markets team undertakes the origination, structuring, pricing and marketing of public and private equity offerings. Some of the key deals undertaken by NBK Capital are provided below:

Company NameIntegrated Holding Company
Deal SizeKD 56 million (USD 184 million)
DealSecondary Placement and Listing on Boursa Kuwait
NBK Capital RoleFinancial Advisor
DateJuly 2018
Company NameHumansoft
Deal SizeKD 83 million (USD 273 million)
DealSecondary Offering
NBK Capital RoleFinancial Advisor to Al Othman Enterprises
DateOctober 2017
Company NameNational Bank of Kuwait
Deal SizeKD 138 million (USD 454 million)
DealRights Issue
NBK Capital RoleFinancial Advisor
DateJuly 2016
Company NameMezzan Holding Company
Deal SizeKD 66 million (USD 217 million)
DealInitial Public Offering
NBK Capital RoleFinancial Advisor
DateJune 2015
Company NameViva Telecom
DealListing on Boursa Kuwait
NBK Capital RoleListing Advisor
DateDecember 2014
Company NameVisa International
Deal SizeUSD 18 billion
DealInitial Public Offering
NBK Capital RoleUnderwriter and Co-Manager
DateMarch 2008